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We started our Black Series Campouts event series because, well, we love two things above all else: off-road trailers and camping, preferably together. So when we’re not at work making the best off-road trailers we’re outside using them. And when we’re out there, there are few things we enjoy more than talking trailers with other campers – suspension, design, mods, specs, you name it. Black Series Campouts are an opportunity to do exactly that, connect with like-minded adventurers, talk rigs, and have a good time. When trailer talk turns to shooting the breeze by the fire and the belly laughs get extra loud, those are the good times we look back on with a smile. We’ve hosted Black Series Campouts for a while now and we’ll continue to put them on in the coming months. Check out the bottom of this post for a full rundown of what the campouts entail, who’s invited, and how to know when and where the next one will take place.

A recent campout found us in California’s beautiful Lucerne Valley. The sun was shining and so were the trailers, that is until the trailer race got them gloriously dust-coated. Below are trip highlights, info on Lucerne Valley (highly recommended spot for all you trailer campers), and yes, epic photos from our trailer race across the sand flats.

About the Location

Lucerne Valley is a prime location for off-road trailer camping. Black Series staff member and campout attendee, Duane Millares, describes it well:

“Lucerne Valley is a dry lake bed that’s quite remote.  The road to the location is rough and requires four-wheel drive vehicles. We were at a location that no other trailers were able to access.”

The desert beauty of Lucerne Valley is apparent from the moment it comes into view from the road. But it is a desert – hot, dusty, and dry. “Our awnings and canopies were put to great use.  We staked them down for reinforcement against the occasional dust devils,” says Millares. 

Managing the unpredictability of the elements is all part of the fun of getting remote, and once our caravan of Black Series trailers had set up camp and settled in, the vastness of the sand flats was mesmerizing. In the seemingly infinite sandscape we’d created an oasis. 


black series off-road trailers camping in lucerne valley california

Activity Highlights

Rock climbing, hiking, off-road racing (more on this shortly), and star gazing would be on the brochure for Lucerne Valley, but possible activities are limited only by your imagination. Our crew included families, and it didn’t take long for the kids to start channeling their inner Alex Honnold and climb Free Solo-style over the rock formations by camp. Everyone partook in some day hiking. And the night skies were as clear as the water from our trailer showers. The stargazing was top-class.


black series off-road trailers camping in lucerne valley california

black series off-road trailers camping in lucerne valley california


The most memorable activity, though, was our impromptu trailer race across the sand flats. Maybe it was inevitable. When you have a fleet of off-road trailers and four-wheel-drive trucks in a seemingly infinite desert playground, at some point those trailers are getting hauled at high speeds across the sand. Looking at the vast flats devoid of tire tracks we felt like Picasso eyeing a blank canvas. It was time to paint a masterpiece.


black series off-road trailers racing in lucerne valley california


The Rigs on Hand

Our convoy to Lucerne Valley was impressive – a diverse cross-section of the Black Series lineup. On site we had two HQ19s, an HQ17, a Patron, and a Classic Double. For attendees it was a chance to touch and feel the evolution of Black Series off-road trailers, from the indestructible tent campers that our legacy is rooted in, all the way up to one of our biggest, most luxurious flagship HQ models, the HQ19. You could chart the course of Black Series’s history right there on the lakebed.


black series off-road trailers camping in lucerne valley california black series off-road trailers camping in lucerne valley california

Tips, Takeaways, and A-ha Moments

No excursion off-road is without lessons. Even after a smooth-sailing campout like we had in Lucerne Valley there are trailer camping tips to walk away reminded of. Here are a few that we took away from the desert:

  1. Respect the BetaThis may seem basic but by doing our homework beforehand, checking the maps, the weather, the routes, the timing, and knowing who was coming and what their knowledge and skill levels were with off-road camping, we were able to drive into the valley fully prepared. In particular, this meant bringing extra water and sun protection. Sunscreen, hats, long sleeves and pants, awnings, pop-up tents, it all made a difference in keeping folks comfy and happy.
  2. Pack Some Non-Electronic Entertainment – While our trailers provide all the creature comforts of home, including power for all your devices, the great outdoors are at their greatest when we can disconnect, at least a little. That goes for kids and adults alike. The pass-through storage compartments and interior storage space on Black Series trailers is perfect for bringing frisbees, footballs, outdoor gear, board games, and any other battery-free toy you can think of.
  3. Never Turn Down a Chance to Trailer Race in the Desert – This might go without saying, but when there’s miles of perfectly flat desert and you have the most rugged off-road trailer available. Let it rip. (Within your comfort zone and while staying safe, of course).

Campout Details for Attendees

If you’re interested in attending an upcoming campout simply stay tuned to our social media feeds. That’s where we’ll announce upcoming events. Here’s a rundown of things for campout attendees to know:

  • Campouts are open to anyone. The attendees usually include a majority Black Series owners, Black Series pros (employees), and members of the public who want to check out Black Series trailers in the wild.
  • Campout announcements usually happen 30-45 days prior to the event.
  • Black Series provides some food and beverages, but all attendees are encouraged to pack appropriately for a self-supported stay (this means food, water, and other essentials).
  • Black Series Pros are usually on hand. The event invite will specify this. Our staff are good people, out for a good time, and there’s no one better to chat with about trailer specifics.
  • The locations are usually in the greater California area, though we’re looking to broaden our reach for future campouts (Want us to come to your neck of the woods? Shoot us a note on social or leave a comment here. We’d love to hear from you. We’ve also had Campouts hosted and managed by Black Series owners so if this interests you we can talk about helping you play host).

Caravans shown in this post:

black series HQ19



black series HQ17



Black Series Classic Double

Classic Double


black series patron


It takes a special kind of dealership to sell off-road trailers and off-road RVs right. Doing it right requires an uncommon depth of knowledge and a commitment to the off-road camping lifestyle. It requires studying each trailer like you would an overlanding itinerary. And, maybe more than anything, it requires good old fashioned give-a-crap, simply caring about the people who come in to buy a Black Series Camper. For these reasons we choose our dealers carefully. They’re an extension of the Black Series family, with regional footprints across the US and the Globe. From California to Texas, Utah to Colorado, Florida to the Pacific Northwest, these dealerships are where you can buy off-road trailers and get a lifelong off-road camping resource. In our “Dealer Spotlight” series we’ll introduce you to our family of dealerships and pick their brains for regional camping knowledge, recommended destinations, and overlanding tips that you can take with you on the road.

Topline RV & Marine // San Bernardino, CA

This Southern California dealership has been in the Black Series family since the early days and they’ve remained a go-to for Black Series customers because of their impeccable service and deep knowledge of off-road trailers. As a fellow SoCal-based company we share a kinship with Topline that’s been forged under the desert sun. We share a drive to explore the local beaches, canyons, and mountains and to go farther – across the country, over borders, and off the grid. We recently caught up with the folks at Topline and picked their brains about their favorite Black Series features, camping destinations, and how they like their steaks done.

topline rv and marine southern california

(Left) An HQ12 heading off the Topline lot behind a sleek sprinter van //  (Middle) HQ21 going on its maiden voyage // (Right) An HQ17 rolling out for a lifetime of epic adventures.

BS:  What sets Topline RV & Marine apart from other dealerships in your region?

Topline:  We really dedicate ourselves to doing all we can do for our customers, and take pride in always putting their trailer needs before anything. Any time they need something from us, whether it be our local customers or our out of state customers, we’ll always have a tech on call to guide our customers through whatever help they need with their units. It makes us happy knowing that our customers leave here happy.

BS:  Are there any services you provide that are particularly useful for Black Series Camper owners?

Topline:  We offer a wide range of upgrades for the Black Series units. Our winter packages, which we have 3 stages to, are something we take a lot of pride in. Black Series owners have and adventurous streak (obviously), they like to keep traveling year-round, and so we these winter packages are a favorite among them. They support the rig’s performance across colder climates and harsh winter weather. We can do almost anything our customers ask for when it comes to upgrades, winterizing or otherwise, and we make sure everything we do keeps the units within warranty.

BS:  What are some key features of Black Series Campers that stand out, making them unique on your lot? In other words, what features do you get most excited to show customers?

Topline:  The frame and the suspension. We believe that the frame and suspension that every Black Series comes equipped with is what sets it apart from other trailers on the lot. The fact that these trailers will follow you anywhere your truck goes is amazing to us and to our customers. Knowing that you could go anywhere in these units makes them exciting, people see these things and want to get familiar with them because of what they’re capable of.

BS:  If you had to pick one awesome camping destination to send a new Black Series Camper owner to, what would it be?

Topline:  Seven Devils Mountains in Idaho. Besides a totally rad name, this mountain range has everything an outdoor adventurer might want, from rafting to hiking to fishing, you name it. Summer time would be the best time to travel there, the weather doesn’t get higher than the 80’s, there’s sometimes rain, but who even gets bothered by that anymore? I’ve taken an HQ12. That’s one of my favorite units. Besides the Sevin Devils, I’d say anywhere outdoors is a great time in a Black Series, and anywhere can become family and pet friendly, too!

BS:  Can you describe your dealership’s company culture? Why do you love working at Topline? Why do you love working in the RV industry?

Topline:  Our company culture is very customer driven. We’re dedicated to our customers and their needs when it comes to their units. At the end of the day they have a vision for exploring in these rigs and we’re here to facilitate that vision. We’ll accommodate anyone, whether they’ve purchased from us or not. We’re always sure to make our Black Series customers happy.

BS:  Can you describe the extent of overlanding in your region if you feel comfortable speaking on this topic? What makes overlanding great in your neck of the woods?

Topline:  What makes overlanding great in our area (SoCal) is the weather. As we all know, California has the most bipolar weather ever, but for the most part it’s always sunny! We have plenty of lakes and beautiful places to see. I think the Eastern Sierras are killer, and if I could, I’d overland there forever.

off-road trailer camping southern california

BS:  What is your #1 tip for off-road campers and off-road trailer owners with who are setting out in your region? Anything they definitely will want to know but might not think of off the bat?

Topline:  My number one tip for off-road campers would be to always be overly prepared. Being out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll never really know what you need until you’re there. That’s why we think it’s best to pack even the most random things, like “Hey, who would’ve thought we’d need this random shovel!”

BS:  How do you see overlanding and off-road camping changing in the next 3-5 years? What’s the next big wave of innovation, groundbreaking feature, or upcoming technology?

Topline:  We see people getting off the grid more, being more self contained, and being as green as possible. These three areas have a lot of momentum in off-road camping right now, which is awesome!

BS:  We’ll end in a blaze of glory with what we call our “lightning round” – 10 rapid-fire questions that  exist for no reason other than to have a little fun…

Front Country or Backcountry?

Topline: Backcountry

Medium Rare or Well Done?

Topline: Medium Rare

Lap Dog or Work Dog?

Topline: Lap Dog

Country or Classic Rock?

Topline: Country

GPS or Paper Maps?

Topline: GPS

Latte or Straight Black?

Topline: Straight Black

Podcast or Music?

Topline: Music

Ford or Chevy?

Topline: Ford

Fly Fishing or Spin Tackle?

Topline: Spin Tackle

Whiskey or Beer?

Topline: Whiskey


There you have it. If you’re in the lower half of California and you’re curious about getting a Black Series Camper, reach out to our friends at TopLine RV & Marine. Their contact info is listed below, and if you bring a bottle of Whiskey, they just might cut you a deal.


Topline RV & Marine

512 E Redlands Blvd San Bernardino, CA 92408  


(800) 601-9616

Caravans shown in this post:

Black Series HQ21


Black Series HQ17


Black Series HQ12