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Have a hankering for the great outdoors? The urge to just head out on the open road, the number on the odometer ticking upward while you enjoy uninterrupted views en route to the destination of your choosing? We know the feeling. It is hard to resist when nature calls, so you pile into your off-road RV and head off to a campsite for a few days. Great, right? 

Well, sometimes. The reality is, taking your RV to a campsite isn’t always the best way you experience nature at a camp. Wouldn’t it be amazing to explore the wilderness in your camper without being tethered to a campsite? If this sounds more like the adventure you had in mind, you’re in the right place!


Off-Road RV in Utah

Camper Trailers and Campsites

For as long as the modern camper has existed, the idea was to park them at campsites or camper parks. Pack your family in the car and head off to spend a summer of fun in nature. However, the unfortunate reality is that these campsites rarely allow you to enjoy the great wide open in all its wonder.  

These campsites or parks, often packed to capacity, are noisy, busy, and a far cry from the quiet of nature. In addition, the camps provide very little space and require you to be reasonably close to your campsite neighbor. So, aside from the lack of space or privacy, you will have to deal with the noise too. And, if all that isn’t bad enough, staying in a park is expensive.


Towing HQ-15 through Off-Road countryside


But why do we do it then? Why not just head out into nature? The answer to this is two-fold. First, most off-road RV need hooking up to power and a fresh water supply, amenities these camps provide. And second, most campers don’t offer the ability to travel on uneven surfaces, so you’re stuck to traveling only on tarred roads. 

Or are you? 

Until now, traveling with a camper trailer has been relatively limiting, which is why the travel trailers from Black Series are causing such hype in the world of RV travel.

Black Series – Allowing You To Be With Nature

Black Series is a unique brand that specializes in the design and engineering of off-road recreation vehicles. The Black Series off-grid trailers enable you to be with nature. Combining the comfort and style of campers with masterful construction, a Black Series overland camper enables you to head off the beaten track and explore the wilderness. Experience the great national parks, the Grand Canyon, or Mount Rose wilderness in Nevada like never before.  

Combining the comfort and style of campers with masterful construction, a Black Series overland camper enables you to head off the beaten track and explore the wilderness.

Going Off-Road

Black Series pop-up campers and travel trailers use innovative engineering that makes it possible to travel off-road. An all-aluminum lightweight chassis combines with high-strength composite materials to leave you with a durable trailer that easily withstands grueling off-road terrain. 


Towing HQ-19 camper trailer


A Black Series trailer utilizes a unique suspension system. Unlike the typical two-shock systems found on most campers, these off-road trailers take things up a notch. A quad-shock suspension system evenly distributes the trailer’s weight across four points, offering a smoother ride and safer handling. 

Engineers designed unique trailing arms that operate independently, allowing each wheel to move independently, making tackling uneven off-road terrain an effortless task.

Each off-road RV sits higher off the ground than regular campers to allow easy movement over rocks, branches, and other obstacles. In addition, the bottom surface of Black Series trailers features an aluminum diamond plating for added strength and a stone guard that adds protection for the bottom edge of the camper. Eurovision windows with flyscreens and privacy shades make it easy to allow the cool air in without the bugs.  

The bottom surface of Black Series trailers features an aluminum diamond plating for added strength and a stone guard that adds protection for the bottom edge of the camper

Living Off The Grid

Now you know you can take a popup camper or travel trailer from Black Series off-road; chances are you’re wondering about where the water or power comes from. 

Black Series believes that to enjoy a nature adventure fully, you should be able to live off the grid. It is for this reason that you will find these campers self-sufficient. Designed to provide long-distance endurance in the wild, each trailer comes with solar panels, an inverter, and a 48V fast charging off-grid system with a lithium battery.

If you’re worried about water, don’t be, each off-road RV comes fitted with a large water tank, plumbing, and a hot water system. You will find a separate tank for drinking water, fresh water, grey water, and black water, so you can go about your daily routines as though you were at home.


camper trailer interior


Black Series fits its camper trailers with an innovative Intelligent Control System. This unique feature allows the pertinent information of the RV such as gas, electricity, water, and other elements to be displayed in one place – on your mobile phone or a screen in the camper. Keeping this data at your fingertips makes it easier to monitor these elements in real-time.

The Luxury of Home Comforts

The interior of a Black Series off-road RV epitomizes luxury, combining the comfort of home with unique interior technology and an intelligent control system. 


Interior of camper trailer


Black Series notes that just because you’re roughing in the wilderness doesn’t mean that you have to give up living comfortably or luxuriously. Each travel trailer features an elegant interior with a bedroom that offers a queen-size bed, a fold-out lounge, and a kitchenette and bathroom. 

The bathroom is fitted with a fiberglass shower that offers hot water and ventilation and a porcelain toilet. 

Elegant wood-vinyl flooring matches the exquisite timber veneer cabinetry found throughout the camper. The kitchen is a work of art and comes fitted with a stove, microwave, fridge, and sink. 


Interior of camper tariler


To keep you in comfort no matter what the weather brings, you will also find a furnace and air-conditioning in the trailers.

The appliances found within the campers are of European design, providing you with premium quality to match the luxury the interior of these cabins exude. In addition, lighting is provided throughout the camper, with reading lights in the bedroom and lounge, along with wide-angle LED floodlights located on the trailer’s exterior.

Final Thoughts

Outdoor adventuring in your camper no longer needs to involve trips to overcrowded, noisy campsites. When you buy a camper trailer for sale from Black Series, you expand your travel horizons.

Stick to tarred roads or head off the beaten track and see nature in all its wonder, all while enjoying the luxury and comfort of home in your new Black Series travel trailer. Be with nature and experience adventure with Black Series. 



Here’s one thing all camper and RV owners can agree on: when one road trip ends, we start planning the next. We can’t help it. It’s instinct.

The infinite possibilities for future trips can induce a kind of manic euphoria – the maps come out, the browser tabs open up, draft itineraries are made with travel days, play days, rest days. Perhaps it’s a trip you’ve been thinking about for years, or you’ve met some fellow travelers on your last road trip that told you about a must-see destination. Or maybe it’ll be your first trip with your new Black Series off-road trailer, the maiden voyage. For us, there’s an RV road trip destination that we feel is criminally underrated: Florida.  

rv road trip in florida

Photo: @donebyalex (left), @radz71 (right)

Florida, you say? Well, contrary to popular belief, The Sunshine State isn’t just white sandy beaches and crowded theme parks. It also offers abundant natural landscapes, hunting for big game and small, fishing (duh), rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and more.  For anyone who’s up for an adventure, Florida promises an incredible multi-sport RV road trip. If it’s not on your bucket list, it should be.

And that’s the best thing about having a camper or RV: when the stars align for an epic road trip that combines your favorite activities, whether it be fishing, hunting, 4-wheeling, or mountain biking, there’s no reason you can’t do them all in one go. 

Below we’ve outlined an epic, multi-sport, Florida RV road trip itinerary. It includes four iconic outdoor destinations, each with a thrilling activity. Looking for trip inspiration? Look no further. 


Start in the South for… 

Deep-Sea Fishing in The Florida Keys

deep sea fishing florida keys

Start your trip in one of the most desirable deep sea fishing destinations in the world: The Florida Keys. This bucket-list experience is packed with blue skies, bluer water, and a lot–a lot!–of fish. The Florida Keys offers an abundant choice of fish species for anglers to target as well as guided charters. Species include Dorado (mahi mahi), Wahoo, Swordfish, Sharks, and Marlin. If you’ve ever read The Old Man and the Sea, these waters are very similar. No wonder the Florida Keys have been called the “Fishing Capital of the World.” 

With plenty of deep-sea fishing charters to select from when you get down there, we recommend looking at places in Islamorada, Key Largo, or Marathon. Any of the charters there will take you to the best spots to drop your line. Hiring a charter is your best bet for that deep sea fishing experience. It will increase your chances of catching fish. Local captains are immersed in the area’s fishing so they know where the fishing has been hot, where it’s been cold, and what’s been biting. If you plan to rent your own boat, there are plenty of resources to locate a suitable spot; just be prepared to spend a little more time finding it. 


Where to stay: Park your camper at the nearby John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park which has various spots to camp. Enjoy the nearby coral reefs and beachfront lounging, manage the heat by finding shade under your retractable awning and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a fish cookout using your outdoor kitchen.



Then head north to… 

Hunt Wild Boar in Central Florida

wild boar hunting florida

Take the Florida Turnpike up the coastline to central Florida for one of the most adventurous things you’ll do during your trip: wild boar hunting. Yep, you heard that right. Florida isn’t just dolphins and alligators; it’s got the second-highest wild boar population in the United States, just behind Texas. You can actually find wild boars in every single county in Florida. The wild boar population in Florida is so massive that to help maintain it, Florida has removed any size or bag limits for wild boar and you don’t even need a license. That doesn’t mean it will be easy, though. These creatures are fast, feral, and uncannily smart. So if you think you are ready to take on the challenge of the Wild Boar hunt – either with a rifle, or a bow – you’ll need to be in mid-season form. There are many local outfitters prepared to help you out.  

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, book a trip with a company known for working with everyone from first-time hunters to seasoned experts, such as Trophy Hammock Outfitters, located in Lake Wales. Their guides will skin and quarter any hog harvested any way you want it for a small fee. So make sure you clear that Dometic cooler so you can bring home the bacon! 


Where to stay: Head over to Lake Kissimmee State Park to find a spot beneath the giant oak trees, providing you with a shady canopy and a natural noise buffer for a bit of peace after a long day hunting. You can choose from 59 different campsites near the lake, all with water and electric hookups. Set up your outdoor kitchen to prep and cook your wild boar. Bon Appétit!



Continue north for…  

Mountain Biking at Santos Trailhead

mountain biking in florida

Photographers: Tim Foster (left), William Hook (right)

Rated by the International Mountain Biking Association as one of the best trail destinations, the Santos Trailhead is a quick two-and-a-half-hour drive north of your last destination. When you find yourself surrounded by giant Florida pines, it’s apparent you’ve finally arrived in the Florida backwoods aka its mountain biking mecca – truly some of the best mountain biking terrain that the American southeast has to offer. 

Although many mountain bikers tend to head to the western United States for steep, dusty single track, Santos has earned its spot as a must-ride destination. Its model trail system boasts a streamlined single track and bike skills park with challenges for beginners and experts alike. If you don’t have one already, ask your Black Series dealership to set you up with a bike rack for easy hauling to the trailhead and beyond.


Where to stay: Having so much fun, you don’t want to leave? Well, you’re in luck because the Santos Campground is located right there at the trailhead. You can ride and relax all in the same spot, never having to move your setup – it’s ride, eat, sleep, repeat. The campground at Santos has a strong community of Mountain Bikers, so you’ll have no problem finding like-minded adventures who all enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of the area. This campground has 24 sites with water and electricity, a dump station for RVs, a pavilion, a bathhouse, potable water for refills. And, of course, easy access to some of the best mountain biking trails in Florida.



Finish your trip with… 

4-Wheeling in the forests of Ocala

four wheeling in florida

Photo: Victor Rossetto (left)

Hop in your RV and head just 30 minutes to the Hard Rock Off-Road Park located in Ocala, FL. This place is a mecca for dirt bikes, quads, and 4×4 vehicles because of it’s designated area for playing around and exploring, including a rock garden, steep climbs, and an assortment of trails. Their website says, “You can get as rough as you like” as you discover the entire 70 acres of trails. 

If you’re a Black Series owner, be sure to talk to your local dealership, as they are often happy to help modify and customize your off-road trailer setup to accommodate toy hauling. If toy-hauling is your jam, the HQ19T and the HQ22T are your berries. They come with an enclosed garage set up with separate lockable doors between the living quarters and the garage. It features aluminum diamond plates and tie-down hooks throughout. The T-model trailers even come with a patio configuration with a back door that converts into a tent enclosure for more outdoor space when camping. They’re hands down the best toy hauler setup on the market. 


Where to stay: Like the Santos Trailhead above, this park offers your choice of on-site camping with 22 different 30 AMP hookup sites for your RV – so you can stay and play as long as you’d like. They even offer special rates for long-term camping, so it looks like it’s time to stock your fridge with food and Dometic cooler with beer – because you might be here a while. 



And there you have it, our itinerary for a thrilling multi-sport mega road trip adventure in Florida! Not heading to the southeast any time soon? Use this as inspiration for your own multi-sport mega-trip, and stay tuned for more epic itineraries. Where do you want us to go next? Where do want some trip ideas for? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or hit us up on social!


Caravans Shown In This Post

Trailer Camping Recipe: Cast-Iron Campfire Pizza

Pizza in the backcountry? Yes, you heard that right. Fire up your camp kitchen to make this simple and delicious campfire pizza and you’re liable to have a new favorite trailer camping recipe for when you’re out in the wild. All you need is a cast-iron pan, a few simple ingredients, and a cold beer within arm’s reach. It’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser, even if the crowd is just you. 

Below you’ll find the complete cast-iron campfire pizza recipe, three ways to cook at camp, pro tips for storing perishable food (hint: Dometic coolers are highly encouraged, standard with all Black Series trailers), and images that will have your stomach talking to you. Dig in!

following the trailer camping recipe for cast-iron pizza in the black series outdoor kitchen


Campfire Pizza: Premium Fuel for Adventurers

This trailer camping recipe is a favorite of ours for refueling after a long day of travel, adventure, or sport. If you’re a mountain biker who spent the day shredding single track and taking shin scrapes, load your pie with extra sausage and cheese to give your body the protein and fats it needs to recover. If you’re a veggie lover, pile your veggies high and indulge in all that natural fiber. You can even customize your dough. Most grocery stores sell various kinds of ready-to-bake pizza dough including stuffed crust and gluten free. Whichever ingredients you choose, the flavor profile will pair perfectly with crisp air and a sprawling horizon line. 

Pizza is the perfect meal for families and group campers, too. It’s one of those foods that everyone enjoys, especially in a casual setting like a party or a family get-together. Different dietary preferences in your camp? Make half-and-half pizzas. And when camping with a group, cast-iron pizza is a great way to impress your crew and create a laid back atmosphere around the campfire. 

cast-iron campfire pizza ingredients for making a great trailer camping meal


The Equipment You’ll Need: Just a Skillet!

When you think of traditional outdoor camp cooking, you probably think of burgers, scrambles, hotdogs, and steak, but pizza is just as easy to make and equally delicious.

The only piece of equipment that’s genuinely essential to this camp kitchen set-up is a cast-iron skillet.

What makes this recipe perfect for camp, though, is that it can be prepared anywhere you have a heat source that’s cast-iron compatible. Below, we cover three of the main ways to do this.


Trailer Kitchen Setups: 3 Ways to Cook

How you can cook your pizza will depend on your trailer. We’ll focus on Black Series trailers here, for obvious reasons. Black Series trailers come with an interior kitchen that features the modern amenities you enjoy at home. For bad weather days (mother nature is known to hand these out from time to time), you can cook this cast iron pizza on the stove or in the oven.

black series trailer oven

When the weather is nice, that’s when our stainless steel, slide-out camp kitchen truly shines. Perfect for those that want to combine fresh air with their fresh ingredients, the slide-out camp kitchen is engineered for the outdoor chef. With a three-burner gas stove, large prep area, and a deep stainless steel sink, prepping and cooking this pizza will be a breeze. If you decide to cook this pizza on the burner, keep the temp low and periodically check under the crust to ensure everything is cooking evenly. Because the prep table is so large, you can cut the ingredients fresh and add them directly to the pizza.  

black series slide out kitchen, sink and stove

More of a campfire cook? You can still prep everything on the slide-out kitchen, but because you’re cooking with cast iron, you can throw this pizza right on the grill or directly into the fire. Just make sure those coals are hot, and the flames are low, so you don’t burn your pizza. And please use caution when maneuvering your pan directly over a fire. A cast-iron pan lid comes in handy with this method for ensuring even cooking. No lid? Some tinfoil will work just fine. Bonus points if you cook your pizza Caveman-style: no cast-iron, just a wide, thin rock placed over the coals.  

The ultimate camp kitchen setup would be pointless without good ingredients. Every true camp chef knows this. So how do you keep them fresh while getting to your destination? 

black series off road trailer outdoor kitchen in use


Fresh Ingredients Anywhere: The Dometic Difference

Traditional ice coolers and trailer mini-fridges can keep ingredients fresh, yes. But a traditional cooler can soak your food when the ice melts, leaving it to steep in a bath of meat and produce juice. Yum. Trailer fridges are great features, and when managed right with generator/propane/battery power they can keep food for as long as it would keep at home. Space can be a bugaboo with these fridges, though.

Dometic powered coolers on the other hand, provide world-class freezing and cooling capabilities with ample space and no risk of meat juice. This means you can bring more of the foods you love wherever you go, and keep them fresh for longer. Every Black Series trailer comes with a Dometic powered cooler included. Dometics are built for rugged outdoor use, and they’re ideal for storing pizza ingredients like dough, meat, and veggies. And it’s not just for storing ingredients. What would a pizza dinner be without ice-cold beer to wash it all down?  

dometic powered cooler and a cold beer

(right photo courtesy of Patrick Boucher)


Pro Tips: Pizza & Beer Pairings

Fill your Dometic powered cooler with some cold beers because pizza and beer is the mother of all combos. 

The rule of thumb is light pizzas, lighter beers, and hearty pizzas, heavier beers.  

If you decide to switch up the ingredients for a lighter pizza, such as a Neopolitan, an excellent pairing would be a crisp pilsner. The mild flavor of a pilsner doesn’t overpower the complexity of flavors in a lighter pizza. Hard cider is another great option. 

If you decide to go with a heavier pizza, like the sausage pizza in the recipe here, wash it down with a stout for a robust flavor pairing. Too much? Try an IPA for something powerful and hoppy, but drinkable and satisfying. As avid trailer travelers, our favorite way to drink beer is to pick up local brews from near where we’ll be staying, and taking them to camp. This is a great way to sample the local goods, getting a taste for what the region has to offer.

cast iron pizza a perfect trailer camping recipe


How to Make Cast-Iron Campfire Pizza 

Now, for your feature presentation, the recipe. One of the reasons this pizza is a go-to of ours is because it’s the perfect choice for a group with picky eaters; you can customize the toppings however you like. Still, we went with a favorite camp kitchen combination of sausage, onions, mushrooms, and peppers.

Note: We used pre-made dough from the supermarket for this recipe, but if you want to make your own, we recommend prepping it before leaving home and store it in the Dometic powered cooler to make things easier. 

Download the PDF of the Recipe Here >>>

Cast-Iron Sausage Pizza




12 oz. store-bought pizza dough, room temperature

5 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

6 oz. sweet Italian sausage

3/4 cup pizza sauce

1/2 cup sliced onion

1/2 green bell pepper, thinly sliced

1/2 cup sliced fresh button mushrooms

3/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Salt to taste


Remove your dough from the Dometic Fridge-Cooler and wait for it to reach room temperature, so it’s easier to shape once you get to Step 2.

Slice your onions lengthwise from root to stem, set aside.

Thinly slice the bell pepper into long strips, set aside.

Thinly slice mushrooms, set aside.


Over a hot campfire grill or your Black Series slide-out camper kitchen, heat 2 tbsp of oil in a large cast-iron skillet. Add the sausage and onion and let cook for 3 minutes. After, add mushrooms and green pepper. Allow everything to cook until tender, and there is no pink in the sausage, about 4 minutes; drain any excess liquid and set aside. 


Remove the cast iron from the heat. If there are any residual toppings on the bottom of the pan, use a bit of oil to loosen it, and then use a paper towel to wipe it clean. Add 2 more tablespoons of oil to the cast iron. Carefully stretch out your dough by holding it in the air and moving your hands clockwise around the edge, letting gravity help you. Then, lay it in the pan. With your fingers, work the dough into the edges of the cast iron. TAKE CAUTION – IT’S VERY HOT! Try extending it as far as possible to the edge of the pan.


Let the dough cook until it starts to become a slight golden color on the bottom, then carefully flip it over. Once flipped, season it with some salt, then spread the marinara over the entire surface. Top with the cooked sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, sliced onions, and mozzarella. Allow for the cheese to melt entirely. You can cover the pan with a lid or tinfoil to help speed up the process. 


Using the spatula, check under the pizza to ensure that it’s a nice golden brown before you carefully remove it from the cast iron. Let cool for 5 minutes, then top with red pepper flakes and parmesan before cutting in. 

If you want to impress your camp buddies, take this trailer camping recipe with you next time you pack up your Black Series trailer and head out to the backcountry. And if you do make some cast-iron campfire pizza, let us know – tag us in your pictures on social media (@blackseries.usa)!

More pro tips for great trailer camping meals are coming, so stay tuned to the blog!

Caravans shown in this post:

It takes a special kind of dealership to sell off-road trailers and off-road RVs right. Doing it right requires an uncommon depth of knowledge and a commitment to the off-road camping lifestyle. It requires studying each trailer like you would an overlanding itinerary. And, maybe more than anything, it requires good old fashioned give-a-crap, simply caring about the people who come in to buy a Black Series Camper. For these reasons we choose our dealers carefully. They’re an extension of the Black Series family, with regional footprints across the US and the Globe. From California to Texas, Utah to Colorado, Florida to the Pacific Northwest, these dealerships are where you can buy off-road trailers and get a lifelong off-road camping resource. In our “Dealer Spotlight” series we’ll introduce you to our family of dealerships and pick their brains for regional camping knowledge, recommended destinations, and overlanding tips that you can take with you on the road.

Topline RV & Marine // San Bernardino, CA

This Southern California dealership has been in the Black Series family since the early days and they’ve remained a go-to for Black Series customers because of their impeccable service and deep knowledge of off-road trailers. As a fellow SoCal-based company we share a kinship with Topline that’s been forged under the desert sun. We share a drive to explore the local beaches, canyons, and mountains and to go farther – across the country, over borders, and off the grid. We recently caught up with the folks at Topline and picked their brains about their favorite Black Series features, camping destinations, and how they like their steaks done.

topline rv and marine southern california

(Left) An HQ12 heading off the Topline lot behind a sleek sprinter van //  (Middle) HQ21 going on its maiden voyage // (Right) An HQ17 rolling out for a lifetime of epic adventures.

BS:  What sets Topline RV & Marine apart from other dealerships in your region?

Topline:  We really dedicate ourselves to doing all we can do for our customers, and take pride in always putting their trailer needs before anything. Any time they need something from us, whether it be our local customers or our out of state customers, we’ll always have a tech on call to guide our customers through whatever help they need with their units. It makes us happy knowing that our customers leave here happy.

BS:  Are there any services you provide that are particularly useful for Black Series Camper owners?

Topline:  We offer a wide range of upgrades for the Black Series units. Our winter packages, which we have 3 stages to, are something we take a lot of pride in. Black Series owners have and adventurous streak (obviously), they like to keep traveling year-round, and so we these winter packages are a favorite among them. They support the rig’s performance across colder climates and harsh winter weather. We can do almost anything our customers ask for when it comes to upgrades, winterizing or otherwise, and we make sure everything we do keeps the units within warranty.

BS:  What are some key features of Black Series Campers that stand out, making them unique on your lot? In other words, what features do you get most excited to show customers?

Topline:  The frame and the suspension. We believe that the frame and suspension that every Black Series comes equipped with is what sets it apart from other trailers on the lot. The fact that these trailers will follow you anywhere your truck goes is amazing to us and to our customers. Knowing that you could go anywhere in these units makes them exciting, people see these things and want to get familiar with them because of what they’re capable of.

BS:  If you had to pick one awesome camping destination to send a new Black Series Camper owner to, what would it be?

Topline:  Seven Devils Mountains in Idaho. Besides a totally rad name, this mountain range has everything an outdoor adventurer might want, from rafting to hiking to fishing, you name it. Summer time would be the best time to travel there, the weather doesn’t get higher than the 80’s, there’s sometimes rain, but who even gets bothered by that anymore? I’ve taken an HQ12. That’s one of my favorite units. Besides the Sevin Devils, I’d say anywhere outdoors is a great time in a Black Series, and anywhere can become family and pet friendly, too!

BS:  Can you describe your dealership’s company culture? Why do you love working at Topline? Why do you love working in the RV industry?

Topline:  Our company culture is very customer driven. We’re dedicated to our customers and their needs when it comes to their units. At the end of the day they have a vision for exploring in these rigs and we’re here to facilitate that vision. We’ll accommodate anyone, whether they’ve purchased from us or not. We’re always sure to make our Black Series customers happy.

BS:  Can you describe the extent of overlanding in your region if you feel comfortable speaking on this topic? What makes overlanding great in your neck of the woods?

Topline:  What makes overlanding great in our area (SoCal) is the weather. As we all know, California has the most bipolar weather ever, but for the most part it’s always sunny! We have plenty of lakes and beautiful places to see. I think the Eastern Sierras are killer, and if I could, I’d overland there forever.

off-road trailer camping southern california

BS:  What is your #1 tip for off-road campers and off-road trailer owners with who are setting out in your region? Anything they definitely will want to know but might not think of off the bat?

Topline:  My number one tip for off-road campers would be to always be overly prepared. Being out in the middle of nowhere, you’ll never really know what you need until you’re there. That’s why we think it’s best to pack even the most random things, like “Hey, who would’ve thought we’d need this random shovel!”

BS:  How do you see overlanding and off-road camping changing in the next 3-5 years? What’s the next big wave of innovation, groundbreaking feature, or upcoming technology?

Topline:  We see people getting off the grid more, being more self contained, and being as green as possible. These three areas have a lot of momentum in off-road camping right now, which is awesome!

BS:  We’ll end in a blaze of glory with what we call our “lightning round” – 10 rapid-fire questions that  exist for no reason other than to have a little fun…

Front Country or Backcountry?

Topline: Backcountry

Medium Rare or Well Done?

Topline: Medium Rare

Lap Dog or Work Dog?

Topline: Lap Dog

Country or Classic Rock?

Topline: Country

GPS or Paper Maps?

Topline: GPS

Latte or Straight Black?

Topline: Straight Black

Podcast or Music?

Topline: Music

Ford or Chevy?

Topline: Ford

Fly Fishing or Spin Tackle?

Topline: Spin Tackle

Whiskey or Beer?

Topline: Whiskey


There you have it. If you’re in the lower half of California and you’re curious about getting a Black Series Camper, reach out to our friends at TopLine RV & Marine. Their contact info is listed below, and if you bring a bottle of Whiskey, they just might cut you a deal.


Topline RV & Marine

512 E Redlands Blvd San Bernardino, CA 92408  


(800) 601-9616

Caravans shown in this post:

Black Series HQ21


Black Series HQ17


Black Series HQ12



Originally a Native American footpath, the Rubicon Trail was used by explorers in search of a clear path across the Sierra Nevadas. Today, Jeep® owners travel from all over to test their prowess on the most grueling 22 miles of off-road driving in America.

Trail guides expertly spot you over legendary obstacles like “Big Sluice” and “Cadillac Hill” for an unforgettable experience. At each day’s end, fabulous outdoor cooking awaits.

Any Jeep Wrangler JK Model with a stock factory rear axle is REQUIRED to install an upgraded rear differential cover and/or a rear guide plate. The following links show examples of the required equipment.